Stages of Technology Integration

I compared what is the same or similar among some models of technology integration: ACOT, Texas School Technology and Readiness (Texas STaR), Reiber, and SAMR.  Even though the terminology is different, these 4 models move teachers up the ladder of technology integration to reach the top, which is teacher tech knowledge and successfully integrating it in the classroom. ACOT has 5 stages of technology integration (Entry, Adoption, Adaptation, Appropriation, and Innovation).  Texas STaR chart has 4 key areas (Early Tech, Developing Tech, Advanced Tech, and Target Tech). ACOT and Texas STaR contain a lot of details on what it takes to reach the next area/stage/step. ACOT’s Innovation Stage 5 catches up to Texas STaR in that teachers and students are frequently using technology online.  Models link as teachers see their level of progress according to their use of tech tools, online lessons, activities, collaborative learning, and web-based communication.

Next, I contrast models for things significantly different.  Texas STaR model is up-to-date compared to ACOT.  The ACOT model was timid about using the internet and integrating technology as teachers and students use little to no internet in stage 1, 2, and 3 (Entry, Adoption, & Adaptation).  Differing from Texas STaR, ACOT’s stage 4 (Appropriation) is the first stage that students have internet use within teacher parameters. ACOT’s stage 5 (Innovation) has students taking on innovative roles using the internet for learning and being assessed.

In conclusion, the Texas STaR is the most insightful for me to gain an understanding of successful technology integration. In analyzing the areas on the Texas STaR chart, Early Tech fits with my level of progress. As a substitute teacher, I use technology in the classrooms where technology is in place for instruction, assessment, communication, homework, and as a resource. Since I work in Texas, I spent extra time on the Texas STaR information, and in doing so, I feel comfortable that I can someday reach the Target Tech level.  


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